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The one dog was getting restless, as if it was time to break up this "party. . I told him I explained a lot of things to her, including women and their . The male dog forces that bulb, his knot, as it is called, inside the female dog, and . Bob knew enough to tighten his sphincter muscles trapping the dog knot inside his ass.

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You then lay straight back picking your feet up and placing the on the edge of the bed. . is to raise your leg a little and he will have access to all of your pussy and ass. . This knot is used to hold his cock inside a female (dog or human) until he .

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Feb 1, 2008 . He was shooting his cum way up inside me and it felt wonderful, He . The Bull dog fucked me in the ass and it hurt like hell when his knot went inside my sphincter muscle. . I noticed that all the women were naked from the waist down but each had a leather sleeveless jacket. . Wish it were a VIDEO!

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A clip of the same woman and dog from before, this time returning the oral favor from the first clip before she rides his nice big cock. Really love hearing her as .

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The movement grew more intense and David closed his eyes and tried to escape the feeling of the dog's knot - his friend's knot - swelling up inside his ass - tying .

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    No, it doesn\'t. The knot swells up once the dog is inside, not... . Your ass can handle a knot, no problem. It's the anal . You should wathc some videos too, i could point out some for you if you need. Hope i was . Do some women really sometimes have a party with peanut butter and their dog? Ahem?


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    does your wife enjoy a dog knot - Topix

    I have read that if a woman allows the dog to knot the feeling is incredible. Any thoughts . I had to warm him up a bit if you know what I mean :) .

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    Dog Cock Inside Male Ass. Signup for a FREE Account Now or Login to About; 237 comments; 24 reviews. Knot fully inside hole!!! pulling out .

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    Apr 21, 2011 . Deep inside, your dog secretly hungers for more than the companionship . Once he puts his knot inside you won't be able to remove it without injury to him and . Now get in to the doggy position and take that dog cock up your ass. BDSM . Take Me Out (TV game show) and the role of Women in a nutshell .

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    Jul 17, 2011 . I was standing there soaking it up when I felt something. . My dogs knot was now fully swollen inside my ass and it felt huge. He had slid off of .

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    Jul 7, 2011 . My ass too was high and tight from years of running. . When I was pregnant with my daughter they had ballooned up to 36D . Reading about that woman's fantasy on that other site got me . Right then about 5 inches of his dog cock went inside my pussy. . His knot had swelled up to I guess it's max size.

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    Mar 16, 2011 . It wasn't my intention to be fucked up the ass by the dog at all. . the porn movies turned up as loud as the TV could go-- it's very rural where we live, . The house would be filled with women's screams and moans and men . Once it seemed like the entire cock was up inside my ass, it felt like a fucking .

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    The video starts out with him sliding in and out of his dogs pussy, pumping hard . his ass and balls start twitching as he unloads his seed into the waiting pussy.

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He waited while the computer loaded a video and he saw a beautiful woman . The dog walked up to her crotch, sniffed her, and began licking her pussy and ass. . pussy as he rooted about, and she was moving her ass, as her excitement grew. . knot emerged and then the dog stood there with the rest of his cock inside of .

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